I'm so thankful for all the support and love for Streets & Stripes! Blogging isn't possible without community and we've found one here. 


Named one of the Top 13 Instagramers of 2013 In Philadelphia.
Top 20 Street Style Looks in Philadelphia in 2013.

Philly Blog Love

I'm also the Editorial Director of a local network of bloggers

Features / Interviews Street Style (2013)
Narrative (2013)
Technical Philly (2013)
The Urban Realist (2013)
Racked Philly (2012)
Philly Love Notes (2012)
Urban Fieldnotes (2012)
Oh My Dalia (2012)
Jonifin Marvin Media  (2012)
Technical Philly (2012)
Shen Drove Style (2012)
Every Day Forgotten
Flower Child Dwelling (2010)

Racked Philly
Femme & Fortune

Philly Style Magazine


See Elsewhere as part of The Unedited Project
Sony's Facebook Page as part of The Unedited Project
PoshMark - I co-hosted the Philly Poshmark party.

 Brand Partnerships

Skype Moment Makers - Interview, Blog Posts
Diesel Grand Opening in King of Prussia
Top Shop x Nordstrom Pop Up Shop in King of Prussia

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